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1. C Me- from Moon Dust
2. Sector Nine- from Sky Nine
3. Wait A- from Sky Nine
4. Cloud Voyage- from Tri Axis Triple Works
5. Don’t Leave Me In The End- from IV Sing

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… which is actually a key element in healing music where the mind is free to relax & itself freely wander…OC gets points for painting a lot of different types of paintings, from Dali to Vermeer. “A Elevator” & “Coffee Time” are both highlights to check out for their interesting, varied & less chaotic arrangements. “A Elevator” is a dance flavored mix while “Coffee Time” pulls together the chords of an acoustic sounding piano against the gliding notes of an electric keyboard…really shows OC’s creativity, let alone his guitar skills unemcombered by effects & long notes-Roman Midnight Music

Every track of Ox Cohen is like a portal into another world. You don’t know what to expect when you open it. And in every track lies its own Jack in the Box. There are strange and mesmerizing sounds that happen within the span of the track. Tri Axis Triple Works is an album about voyage within and into space. The use of experimental rock..Coupled with hypnotic beats, everything swirls as if in colored lights…-Baxter Labatos-Sphere Music
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