What Is Ox Cohen Music

What Is Ox Cohen Music

Some people might be wondering what Ox Cohen’s music is and why they should take time in listening or sampling it. Who is this person?
What the music is, is a collection of songs from times in the composers life. There are a mixture of styles, sounds, songs that each have been put into an album where the songs are somewhat in the same kind of style even though within the span of each album they are fundamentally different yet hope to compliment one another.
Each album has been made using synthesizer, guitar, drum-machine, bass and software instruments and effects with high quality pre-amps. Each album is different because each of time it was made was different.
The first album called “Moon Dust” is in some ways the most artistic in that there was no agenda in it being made. With that standpoint, it was purely made as a composer would make it’s first collection. It varies from Electronic and somewhat ambient synthesizer compositions to certain breaks where the guitar is the solo instrument and other times where the piano (electric piano) is a solo instrument without any backing instruments. It is a nebulous and a little dark album made during a difficult time. Eventually the selected tracks were put together in an album. It was called “Moon Dust” in reference to the eeriness and abstract feel of the album related to the moon as being a rock that orbits Earth and not much more.
The Second album “Sky Nine” is a lot more light like at least the first three songs combining a metal like guitar and upbeat synthesizer use. It was written during a better period although some songs emulate the frantic and chaotic times of living such as “Rock” “Coffee Time” and the Jazz-Rock-Metal excursion “Triapod Manic”. Along with those songs, overall, “Sky Nine” is more upbeat and Sun directed compared with Moon Dust. Some of those songs were very difficult to make though it is not that apparent to when you listen to them.
The third albums “Tri Axis Triple Works” is the longest with thirteen songs and was written during a period of almost utter darkness and frantic chaos. So when one song was made, Ox Cohen kept making more despite being under a veil of fright and ended up making thirteen songs. These songs fall more under the Electronic genre with a bit of ambient and the guitar does not show except for several songs. It is a combination of again Electronic, Ambient some Dance elements and sounds and also influenced by Classical music too an extent. It is a potpourri of styles from song to song which should have at least one to several songs that could suit your taste. This album sometimes dark, sometimes light and both too was overall a more produced album.
The last, most recent, and fourth album is called “IV Sing” simply called because there are vocals on it. It is virtually completely different from the first three albums and breaks away making a Rock album with singing, real acoustic drums, and bass etc. The first three songs are very plainly Rock songs designed with hook and melody etc. While the rest of the album experiments in more fantasy orientated territory while keeping the basic Rock format and going more into the songwriting of a song. The album has an overall sense and feel and was made intentionally as a departure from the more Electronic and Ambient instrumentals of the first three albums.
It is believed that there is an album that would fit for anyone of a similar taste and at least one song in each album that someone would like.


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