The New Composer in Experimental Rock

The New Composer in Experimental Rock

A variety of new instruments and mostly the electronic gear that can accompany the artist in his or her compositions brings to the fore a wide field of tonal and compositional possibilities. In the categories of new rock music including mainly electronic rock, ambient rock, progressive rock and in general instrumental rock music are some of the more modern categories in the general field of experimental rock music.

Anything can go in terms of experimental rock. At times it is necessary for the new composer to plainly just experiment with the types of tones and timbres in the instrument of his or her choosing and sometimes compositions are made by the hapless and unstructured clanging, banging and use of sound. These days with electronic equipment and instruments afford a wide spectrum of tonal possibilities that are literally as far in range as what the human ear can hear itself and to the brink also of what it is able to withstand.

The main kinds of these categories are what is found in nature and also what has been used since the beginning of the musical instrument until modern uses of instruments. These categories fall mainly into wood, metal, metal in use of strings, metal in wind instruments, electronic and manipulated sound, percussive materials- wood and plastic and hide and the human voice.

The tools that one has at their disposal never guarantees any kind of success especially immediate. Though it does bring a new side to music against what a lot of people such as songwriters and other composers use as a traditional form of music creation and dependance on tried and true methods of composing as well as songwriting. Maybe in some ways the instruments that are used have a part in using tried and true methods in songwriting technique. Though the use of experimental rock and the experimental rock artist bring a dynamic which has and also does open an avenue for new kinds of songwriting although many techniques in experimentation have already found themselves in many songs and albums even for styles that are not against the grain by many musicians and composers.

Instrumental music allows a lot of space for artistic expression. Instrumental music artists are at their disposal many forms of music including ambient instrumental music and progressive rock music not to mention virtually every kind of music genre that is existing today and as well from former times. Because instrumental music is not limited by utterances and vocals the new composer in instrumental music has a free range of expression which is in a way  a sort of backdrop for Experimental Rock and experiments in music of most genres.

Going back, when a new composer has a variety of instruments and sounds it opens up more avenues for a songs start and ending.

What a new composer ought to do is find where the mixing of sounds and tones is to be balanced in the range of the song. Sometimes one can rely on tried and true songwriting and other times and when fortunate they can make their own formula though it has been proven to work by emulating the songs of yore, still new ways must be paved for the integrity and duration of the song.

Rock music  has certainly been around for a while yet with the episode of Nirvana for instance, the world was shown that tried and true formulas must sometimes change into something new. It is up to the new composer and his or her willingness to experiment. With the experimental rock artist for example and experiments as well in many genres that will  keep music fresh and let it reinvent itself it is usually a cause for something new that can at times have an overall global effect on culture and usher in new perspective into the world at large.