Rock Band View


Rock Band View


There are few things as satisfying as being in a Rock band…or any group if Jazz or Classical is your thing…or whatever genre.

You can’t really be in a good one though unless you yourself are in good playing form- of course that is not always so. A lot of times a particular or certain member of your band is better than everyone else. Or perhaps you might be the weak link in the chain. Though, who would want to be? It is better if your the one in best shape and when it comes down to it it is really the music that is going to make the big difference.

Many bands have come and gone. Look at any period from when Rock started- mostly in the 50’s until now.

A lot of times the fact that these bands were good musicians- some really good- overshadowed the fact of the great songs that they made.

All of the music and musicianship culminated in some part to the studio and the brilliance of the producers in making great songs with great sounds from their recording.

How these various areas gelled, between the musicianship, the songs and the sound and value of the recording process is a mystery.

In every genre, when they started to diversify around the mid 60’s and on the sound of the productions all still seemed on par and it is amazing because of the fact that they used equipment and gear that is so much less sophisticated then today. It reminds me of working in a space capsule of the 60’s where you are turning different knobs and buttons while knowing you are in a machine that is not really quite fool-proof.

Anywhere from them id 60’s to the 80’s you have a lot of bands and somehow what most was being played on the radio contained bands who were at least for the most part very good musicians and have at least one if not more great hits or just great songs. Up until that point there were no shortage of bands. A lot of the recordings can still sound current even today and so there seemed to be an almost process to how the music was being made.

In the 80’s there came about the New Wave while some bands kept to their Rock roots but synthesizer music was becoming more present and some of the Rock bands of the 60’ or 70’s were trying to adapt while other clung to their Rock and Hard Rock or Heavy Metal ambitions. The boy bad had not yet fully come to fore until the mid and late 80’s which had and still does haunt the Rock scene.

Then in the 90’s you had a mix of alternative, hip-hop, and pop which went along the course it did until the boy bands resurfaced again in late 90’s to 2000’s.

Whatever the changes were be, Rock has really for the most part stayed in tact despite what would show on the tube or what would seem to be the dominant music. The fact is is that Rock had never gone away and could be found as well in the alternative music songwriting and had remained itself with all of the changes. Something about it makes it stick like the Blues music coming in from the South up to the North. There is something stoic about itself and has remained almost unfettered completely by changes in Music of today. To find an essay on 90’s music try here. To be able to explore new music you can click here.


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