Rock Back Beat and Other Styles in Music

Rock Beat and Styles of Music




The birth of Rock and Roll was a new style, although borrowed from blues, it was a brand new style similar to how Jazz was a new birth in the early twentieth century. Because Rock and Roll had built on a foundation of a static way of songwriting which had been influenced by blues, the music then could build and new artists had a quasi formula which they could use or borrow in making new songs. Then there were artists and their songs which could and would brake the mold of conventional rock and roll while still falling into the category of this new music.

Rock and Roll, though, was exciting. The faster paced drum beats relying heavily on Bass Drum and snare had all the makings of music that made people dance, a feat not easily achieved in most songwriting and music.

The formula of rock and roll from a Songwriting context was brilliant. It seems to have appeared so simple however their is novelty in the breaks, the difference in chorus and verses, and the bridges.

One of the main wonders as well is the sound of fifties and sixties music that was the mainstay of the recording process of the time. Virtually every song would follow the formula of the sound of the times. In a way, it’a almost a miracle. For as great as the songs and artists were, the fact that you can tell a song from the fifties or sixties is not bad at all, but a good thing- something that time capsules the music for a marker of the vintage quality of the time.

The basic building blocks for a  lot of rock songs and music that would follow was the bass and the drums. These were the main elements form which the rest of the songs could be built on in terms of the songwriting and also in terms of the overall sound of the songs. Well, a great many of songs were written with guitar or piano and vocals and so on, however having the bass and drums and as well using the absence of the bass of drums is what had made the songs with those instruments held as a concept and in context.

You can see the progression of music in the sixties changing things in part by the use of bass and drums and their takes surrounding it.  It was the beat. If the beat would change, it was likely the rest of the songs would change. All experiments from the sixties and onward started with the birth of Rock and Roll and it’s indebtedness to blues and some jazz and even classical elements that were before it.

Many songs that progressed after the fifties and sixties period was experiments in the use of rhythm and the use of drums and the experiments in the absence of drum use and experimentation in sounds as well as novel songwriting seeming to rely on other instruments: guitar and synthesizer and sound instruments and machines where rhythmic instruments were sometimes kept in the rear to make way for futuristic like experimentations.

Now, coming into the second decade of the twentieth century I am sure that more than a few people admit that the reliance on the beat, on the bass and drums is still as much a part of modern music as it ever was.

So many people, bands of musicians have come and gone and some still playing and the reliance on that basic beat has never gone away over sixty years in the making.

Wether it’s a synthesizer beat, a drum machine, or a drum set and a bass, music is still heavily dependent on the rhythmic force that began with Rock and Roll.

Bass and Drums just seem to be the building blocks of our modern music, songs without it claim their uniqueness because of it’s absence or it seems that way.

With a drum set or percussion or whatever creates the beats virtually any kind of style of music can be created wether Rock or something Ethnic from another part of this world. With any kind of rhythmic instrument, it lays a solid foundation of which music and new music has the potential to be born.