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Progressive Rock spans a wide variety of kinds as well as bands on it’s own. Mostly staring in the late sixties and early seventies, the word used now mainly describing a heavier progressive rock just surfaced around the time of the eighties where it had then begun to mix with hard rock or rather heavy metal.
But the music known as progressive rock began with bands in the seventies coining the term from everything from Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP and others not to mention Rush as being the pioneers of what would become a movement much like a cult movement at least when it had begun.
Bands mentioned mostly known by the Progressive Rock Albums they made such as Pink Floyd Yes as well as Genesis who for the most part became progressive rock from their first album and on through the seventies, this form of rock has been,in my opinion, one of the most interesting of almost any genre.
Sometimes there is a fine line comparing progressive rock and art rock. Sometimes they sort of appear to influence one another, another kind that somewhat has the lines somewhat blurred is Ambient and progressive Rock Music. Ambient and Progressive rock music is the modern day comparison form the progressive and art rock movements. If you are in any doubt where to find this kind of music try and find a Progressive Rock Website and you can browse what has now become a vast library of tunes. Some online progressive rock is found at an online progressive rock Music store if the main distributors of online music could begin to make particular sections where you could listen to Progressive music online as a special area so to speak for it.
Though in the seventies the music of progressive rock was only made by few it expanded as time went on where a band like Rush that started out like a heavy metal band began to be termed more Progressive as they evolved.
It seems that one of the most differentiating things comparing Art Rock and Progressive Rock is that progressive rock seems to have taken on a more heavy approach especially into the eighties. Bands influenced by Rush, Yes, Genesis and so on began to bring their know how of progressive sound, theory and technique into a modern flavor.
The fans of progressive Rock Music are some of the most die hard, because they are aware that there is more mind put into the songs then pure braun. Progressive Rock musicians are known to have done a bit of musical studying and they use scales and chords and other nuances to enhance the musicians appreciation of the craft. In fact a lot of progressive music fans are musicians themselves or if not, they have the kind of minds and brains to understand the sophistication and musicianship that is enveloped in their songwriting and also their playing abilities and techniques.
Though it could be sad that the progressive music fans are pretty much a minority, still, their dedication and devotion help make it perhaps from an overall sense, that more important and that more precious even if Progressive music and Progressive Rock Music is held in a term called a cult status. There are many great bands that are called Progressive Music or Progressive Rock music- some I mentioned above. I would advise to learn from the staples in the craft and perhaps check out a Progressive Rock Music Directory to try and see what is out there in the modern times.
If you have a taste for the eccentric and inventive you might find a good band in the seventies or eighties, but if you are looking for something heavier while incorporating the progressive kind of vibe or style then check some bands going into the nineties and 21st century such as Dream Theatre for an example.
All in all progressive music and progressive Rock is some of the most rewarding music for the aficionado.