New Artist

New Artist in a New Landscape

There are quite a lot of musicians, artists if you will and songwriters not to mention other parts of the music industry that are trying to get a foothold on their careers and succeed in one way or another in the Music Business.
The internet has opened a plethora of possibilities and also liabilities for artists and bands to try and get a foot up and have a chance to either wildly succeed or try and be able to make a living in Music. Either one is really a lofty goal in itself, wether riches will come in big or small proportions, to survive earning a living in Music or the Arts in general is a high aspiration no matter how it may appear to unknowing perspectives.
Besides some genres like Ambient rock music online and Online progressive rock music, Modern Rock music, Pop music, Electronic Rock Music, Techno, an Dance each of these genres provides some pretty stiff competition. Bands and the new artist who will be taking their songs to live shows seem to be a sort of advantage in some ways as how to get their music more exposure. There is of course the coveted aim to have a song on mainstream radio though not everyone feels they need that, but to have broadcast in some way wether regular radio, satellite or internet radio is a hope that in getting to a platform such as those, that one can increase their chance of fans and ultimately sales or deals as well.
For a new artist or a new composer that is trying to make their way into a place in Music things can be already hard enough. For the experimental composer or experimental rock musician things on one hand could be a bit more easy in terms of support but more difficult at the same time with exposure and finding an avenue that is suited towards the artist.
For many types of endeavor there are always at times strategies and novel kinds of understanding and wisdom that can go to aid ones career. Though by and large, usually the musician or new artist that has the most musical ability and also skills has for the most part usually been their biggest advantage. It can also lend to mental health being able to play the instrument or instruments of choice and to become as good as can be with it or them. Research has shown that exercising cognitive ability with instruments and music itself to improve overall functioning of the brain not to mention that with learning a musical instrument brings enjoyment and pleasure and exercises the imaginative facility.
Many musicians are keen to that knowledge and it is part of the reason you may hear or read about an artist and musician saying if it was not for Music I would be…(choose your terrible fate scenario). However at times I believe them and can be convinced. For example there are so many many musicians, many of whom are good, some are excellent and some are professional as well as some who are very quite amazing, yet in order to exist they might be making a lot less financially than others who don’t quite have the same skills. The prospect of the internet and the possibility that it is offering is different than before and has or it claims ways for one to survive and support themselves through music which is the art of choice for the new artist. It in comparison to the great musicians barely scraping by, is really in truth a lot to ask for for a new artist who might not have become the musician or artist that others have come before and paved the way for the next act or big act. It still remains either way you choose to see it a hard business to make it in just as all the Arts are be it Writer, Artist, Dancer, Actor, it is rare that on can come to high level without some effort and sometimes the effort is humongous that is needed. Also makes sense not to become dull in sensibilities and wit and a sense of humor. Though with humor comes the necessity of balance and to be careful never to lose someones focus.