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New Ambient Rock Music Album and Downloads

Ambient music has been around for a while relatively, gaining it’s momentum on the mid eighties and in some way borrowing from the art and psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies. With the advent of the new wave movement of the eighties and in some respects the dance and house music com into the nineties ambient music had a fertile ground for the niche it had been always seeming in the background of the music scene like the background tracks of films that play a major role in a movie yet at times seem unnoticed by the audience.
Yet it is this background film quality and the sound of soundscapes and a music that produces an atmosphere aurally that gives ambient and ambient rock music it’s appeal.
There seems to be a different degree of the Ambient Rock Music Artist in their familiarity with the use of ambient music and the art of combing it with Rock. It still is somewhat in a beginning stage and incorporates a lot of trial and error and makes it actually a bit of an adventure in finding new ambient rock music and which New Ambient Rock Artists there is to browse and take a look at.
Many times, an artist can help or push fans away from ambient music and ambient rock music depending on what they are making and producing with their music. Because ambient and ambient rock music is yet to be mainstream for of music or that which at least attracts a large following, it is still in beginning states yet there are some that have a relatively large following or some with a real definite following, but it is a difficult genre of music to progress with as some other music bands and ambient rock music artist may have already developed their following.
Though, the genre itself of ambient rock music and ambient still is viable and can give as a potential a large room for new artists to make some progress. The combination of ambient and rock provides a fertile ground for new musicians and bands to work with.
It is much like the first stages of art rock and psychedelic rock in the late sixties and early seventies. The same goes for progressive rock and progressive rock albums. It seemed that at first some music fans were quietly taking notice of the new art forms. Some became immediate fans while others would sort of watch and wait to see what might be developing. But, progressive rock, and art rock as well as psychedelic rock definitely had their fans and it would grow over time as many of the more musically inclined artists and bands would adopt the idea of experimenting more with their music and their songs and could appreciate the kind of eccentric yet developed taste in music that it took to make music that was better than routine or in an attempt to get away from bland or tasteless music. They were willing to push the envelope and explore what seem to be artistically dangerous to others yet the experimentation in art rock, progressive rock, and psychedelic rock would provide some new light and new flavors into music for those who are not content to be ultra passive in their taste in music.
Ambient rock is similar to the happenings of the above mentioned art forms in music, although the element of ambient and trance and dance music that it is similar to gives it a different kind of quality than art, progressive, or psychedelic rock.
New ambient rock music is in it’s own category. It can at times get almost completely away from the origins in ambient music itself. It has varied between bands.
The use of drums or if not- drum machine and certain sounds of the synthesizer are what can differentiate ambient rock from ambient itself and other forms of music or rather rock music. It will vary from band to band and where you can find ambient rock music online or at a show. Though, there is a lot of potential waiting and many much more possibilities with the use of instruments usually used and contained in ambient rock music.


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