Modern Music and It’s Creation



Modern Music and the Artists That Create It



There is so much going on in music today. Artists with unique styles of most genres are creating their craft for as many people as they can expose  it to. Pop is now even more different with carefully crafted songs that emphasize the art of songwriting and not only such easy to predict formulas as there was in Pop before. Combining different genres themselves into the songs and new and interesting melodies to help keep those who listen busy with no lags.

As for other genres in Folk, Rock, Ambient, Dance, Trance, Alternative,Metal, Classical and Jazz there seems to be also a fresh approach to songwriting as well as production. Bands that might be less known but not less talented have access to better production thanks in part to the computer and the know how of savvy production techniques.

The variety of songs when you combine old and new is a huge amount to choose from when buying a cd or what you’re listening to.

Maybe because of the different genres and their trends from early twentieth century up until the second decade of the twenty-first there is almost an unconquerable amount of styles, theory, and variety of music to digest for one artist and band. That can be good. What it does is offer more of a chance for variety itself and a fusing or a blending of genres and styles to make it somewhere wether it’s locally in smaller groups of fans or wether it is playing on FM radio ten times a day.

It seems as though the emerging artists of today are a bit smarter than some of those before in the last decade or maybe more. The kind of songwriting- it’s structure and wise use of lyrics seems to stand out over the last five or ten years. That being said for Pop which is not everyones favorite though it has an enormous audience today. The same goes for bands and artists in alternative, dance, ambient, post grunge and many indie bands and artists.

It seems that a lot of the newer artists and bands are going about their craft and business in a proactive way. From the songs I heard it sounds like many are doing their homework for both the song and it’s production. Though a lot of artists sound very fresh and perhaps navigate on their own terms with or without studying topics in music theory or harmony and melody. Like the Punk movement sometimes the best ways just to plug in and play and see what you can do though I think it would be foolish to assume that the artists haven’t learned some theory or are not absorbing through knowing your scales and chords.

There are  a lot of successful groups that have not studied a shred of music theory or songwriting techniques. Some even teach themselves how to play without and instructor, however there is a great amount to be said of those who do study music in the basic and advanced levels. It gives you an inner understanding and know-how of what makes a song a song or a good song and many classical composers did receive training and learned all the parts of creating music which has proven at least in classical to be a big advantage.

The artists of today seem to be hungry, though many bands who are radio veterans were as well. The there is a lot of difficulty in making it on a big scale without being so.

There is a lot of competition for anyone be it band, solo artist, songwriter and composer. In any field of music there takes a lot of bravery, knowledge, and especially persistence. There is likely to be some sort of a kind of obstacle or more that almost guarantees to be in the skew.

Though there is a lot to be gained and most people musician and non musician are not really always so aware of the work and grit that is involved. There is a lot to be said for the mix of inspiration and perspiration- as the saying has been stated.