Home Studio Recording

Home Studio Recording Set-Up

These days there are a lot of ways one can go about recording songs or their entire album. It was only Fifteen or Twenty years ago and before that the only way to make a song or album was in a major or big enough recording studio. It had it’s owner(s) and you had to pay usually an hourly fee for the recording time. You depended on a Producer if you were unable to produce yourself which was most of the time. You could not really say in most instances that the gear or equipment was inferior. In quite the contrary it is superior to most gear these days including software emulated instruments and effects. Rather a studio that was equipped with mostly gear from the Nineteen Sixties could be superior to modern equipment depending, as a lot of software emulation software is trying to get the sound of those effects from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. To some degree though, a lot of major studios are better able to handle particular kinds of music with some that are more versatile and can handle a variety of music forms.
For the musical 99 percent the option became available that you could record yourself, providing you had a good enough computer and some extra cash to spend on software effects, instruments perhaps having a MIDI keyboard and whatever other instruments that you may have purchased. This, being able to record your own songs in your computer, became more available to homes in around the late nineteen nineties. Although it was possible, there were still a lot of issues from the processors not being able to handle the entire workload or as well computer crashes and that sort of thing. However around that time even major music acts were recording on their own computers but the heavier tasks such as intense use of effects and mastering were being left to studios also, but some people were doing it.
Being able to record a legitimate commercial sounding record started to become more likely in the early to mid 2000’s. There were becoming more DAW’s to chose from and with each upgrade there were more offerings of special features such as additional software instruments and percussion libraries to make it more alluring and as well to speed up the songwriting and recording process. There have been a lot of software emulating instruments and the sound of big boards in major studios. Some of these are impressive and have ever more closer to getting you that nice major studio sound from your home studio. To get that sound does take some tweaking and some knowledge also. The more you know of sound engineering and how things work in a big or a professional studio the more you can get that sound on your home computer. Though I do think it is underestimated how much additional money you will need to get a professional sound or rather the sound that you really want. It is not my experience that you just buy a good computer and the software an bam you have that hit sound. If you are going to depend on software effects and instruments you will really have to know how to use them. You will almost undoubtedly need a MIDI keyboard which is usually relatively inexpensive. You might have to have guitar and even bass as well and then you may also need a regular synthesizer or workstation which will speed up the songwriting process. Though, still as I said earlier the software effects and instruments can be very effective and in a way there are times I could not tell the difference between a real synthesizer and the plug-ins at times.
You may well imagine the kind of addiction that it is to record at home with all of the different features you have and what you can do. In editing for example you can change things around so much and getting out those mistakes in your songs can leave you with a nice humming buzz. Sometimes more enjoyable than not having made the mistake. With effects too the options are or can be limitless and when you consider mixing 12 or more tracks on your home computer there is a lot to do and think about. I think though it is a pretty good investment to have a Home Recording Studio especially if it leads you to learn about Audio Sciences and engineering. Though a big studio could be what you really want you can get great result in your home studio gig.