Here’s Your Stuff-Email 1

Subject {!first name} I’ve Got Your Download Info Here

Hey {!firstname},

Ox Cohen here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my tunes.

You can download the tracks here:

Included in the download folder you will find my latest
single ‘Don’t Leave Me In The End’ from my recent album, ‘IV Sing’
as well as ‘Cloud Voyage’ from ‘Tri Axis Triple Works’

Simply unzip, then drag the files into your iTunes or any other appropriate

You might also keep an eye out for future e-mails. I’ve got some more stuff, cool stuff,
and maybe even a little weird stuff coming your way.

And remember, I dig hearing from you guys so by all means,
shoot me an e-mail if you ever have any questions, comments,
feedback, or just to say “Hey!”

Talk to You soon,

Ox Cohen