Fields of Music

Fields of Music

Careening across the dials and stations, in record stores and cd stores- where they still have them- is such a plethora of different kinds of music that it can very well leave one overwhelmed. There are some people who just listen to strictly one genre, some even to one band mostly or perhaps a few bands. Though it has been my experience that the more of a variety of music that is bought and listened to enhances one’s own music listening experience. Hearing the divergent use of songs, scales, chords and instruments with there variety of timbres enhances ones listening experience and contributes to their overall appreciation and knowledge of music.
It’s interesting to know that having exposure to different influences and genres has only become as available and easy to locate during the last ten or fifteen years widely because of the internet. Though before then there have been stores, usually in cities, where you could could find some different types of music, from Latin, and Slavic, or Klezmer, or Indian, but it has come upon society now that almost any genre or genre within a genre can be found by searching the web or experimenting with internet radio and satellite as well. The choices are amazing.
The way music is now able to be for sale in the internet is a two dimensional version of perhaps it might be appear in an enormous record store that has music of every kind. While you stroll down an isle of underground rock you might catch with your eye some records of new wave orchestral instrumentals in another a aisle a few rows deep. To find something new that is wort your time or find some record that you have been yearning to find, you can find almost several times easier perusing the internet. With some extra time you also can find a good radio station that has a tendency to play that type of music you like. Of course these days FM radio and some aM radio has there broadcast on the web as well. So you have a combination of internet radio, satellite radio and FM and AM radio stains all in the web not to mention podcasts.
Thankfully cd’s are still being purchased though I would say with the amount of songs you can now put on your mp3 player or smart phone, that you have the option of loading it with thousands of songs and the wherewithal to make you customized playlists, the options are practically endless.
Since the span of popular music and also classical and world music and ethnic music has been in recorded form for about sixty years not including recordings that were made before records, tapes and cd’s which is somewhere around one hundred years ago: It seems that a good many of people buy and cling to acts that are established and have been staples on radio and to some extent internet and satellite radio. However, I would say that for own part that there are a lot of great music that does not pop up easily to the fore in terms of underground and unsigned bands and musicians. Once in a while the unknown act gets a single or hit on the radio lifting them up above to the mainstream, but this is rare and would be less likely to happen if they do not obtain a large enough following. Though, there are quite a lot of unsigned and unknown bands and musicians that would be worth the listeners time and or money for their project. A good many of these types of musicians stayed in the unknown in the the 1980’s and kept playing and making music until they had risen to the surface in the early and mid 90’s with advent of ‘grunge’ and ‘alternative’. There, bands that had been barely known for years were being considered relevant and also popular.
Whatever your interest in music might be, there is a great many of options for those who are into music. If you ever get bored with what your listening to or what station you’re hearing with a little bit of digging you might find something very worth your while looking up music on the internet. Most artists will give you an option of listening to samples before you make that purchase.


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