Experimental, Ambient and Instrumental Rock

Experimental Rock, Ambient and Instrumental music

Many times the categories of music: Electronic, Experimental and Ambient can be perplexing to sift through and the terms and know what is actually what. There is a wide span that can make most of this music indiscernible as categories because to a degree they are all experimental music that is usually being used creatively with sound and sounds as well as the music itself. There is no doubt that the instrument being used will change the song and the sound of the song or songs.

In fact one can say that maybe there is no difference in these categories but that the real difference that matters is the songwriting and the use of different chords and scales just like any other. However the type of music being played and what makes Electronic, Ambient music and Experimental music different is really in the subtleties of songwriting and how all of the instruments and effects are being applied.

The use of various instruments and effect in the categories mentioned are usually used with such great thoughtfulness that they are integrated into the different kinds of music like the notes themselves and haveĀ  away of changing a song along with these notes.

The instrumental part or parts of the songs are really the backbone and main part that directs the song. So in some ways songs are usually instrumental music or can be termed instrumental music with added vocals.

Adding the element to instrumentals in using rock is one way of understanding the kinds of blending that goes into electronic, ambient and instrumental rock music. The songs are usually done in such a way that is apprehensive in the writing and recording process with extra care to the added instruments and effects that may be more son than some other kinds of music. The instruments and effects are the different colors used in the overall picture that is the song or songs.

Experimental Rock and Experimental music can mean a lot of things to many people and there is no true way of classifying it other than that which is experimental in music, melody and in effects and instrument again as well.

It should usually be a form of sound and music that helps the listener break beyond his or her boundaries of what music is and what it has the potential to do. Living in the 21st century and all that has led to it has given many more tools for the artist to express him or herself. Avante Garde is usually what is thought of mostly with experimental music as is Atonal music. Ambient and Electronic music help to narrow the wide gap that can be prevalent in what is experimental and create more of a form and frame for what makes a song a song.

A lot of work is done within the studio in shaping and crafting music in Ambient and Electronic music. There needs to be a very big attention to details in creating a song, because what is created most of the time are soundscapes in some form or another for that song. Some Ambient and Ambient Rock is downtempo and some is toward uptempo, so there is a lot of emphasis on the way effects and instruments will be used. Some Ambient music is almost like new age or music therapy music in that it has created and has the potential to make an almost mind altering listening experience. How this is accomplished is beyond most peoples knowledge of use of effects except for Art Rock and also Progressive and Progressive rock music. Ambient music is usually less appreciated than many other art forms which is almost shocking as well as depressing considering the new landscapes it can offer.

All in all the various kinds of melodies, harmonies and chord structures and the artistic use of the instruments and effects can make ambient, electronic, and instrumental music and the rock aspect as well a new frontier in which to envelop the senses.