Essay on Free Music

Free Music

There are a lot of things given for free or discount, especially on the internet. What goes better with technology than music after all? Though I don’t think you would find any type of business giving their entire inventory for free…Because they would be penniless. So, How about they charge something that would normally be ten dollars and giving it away for a penny? That way you could not say it was not free. However, they still would not be in business.
It is sad and almost a phenomena that music is the most likely, usually, to be ripped off, shared and payed pennies per song or album more than any trade, business, or service on the web. Some might think that art should be free. Yet would they expect to pay a penny for an art poster? Or would they expect a painting to be given for free to them…People like this seem to not understand that there is a person, a human being that is crafting the art, the music and if that person is not able to make a living of any kind then there are no funds to make the art. I understand giving away some songs for free if the musician or artist is willing to do so. But in most cases you should not expect someone to give their catalog for free or getting a penny a song which is just about the same.
SO, maybe to many, musicians are a dime a dozen and it’s ok to get their songs for free or it’s ok to pay them a penny a song. But within this heresy might be a musician who might be good in a majority’s eyes, and their currently marketing themselves in this environment. Unless luck plays a role, many very good musicians and artists can be lost in this non-level playing field and barely scrape by to survive. Music, it so happens, is the easiest thing to cheapen and get for free more than anything else on the web, mostly. Because the music is a file. You will not get that picture you like for free because it won’t transmit to your computer at least just yet. However, we have always listened to songs on the radio for free so maybe for some you expect it to be for free from all those years of radio. However, artists were at least getting payed for radio use but rarely by the consumer, but in a way they were.
What I don’t understand is that when some one wants a song or get’s it in a file, do they understand that the file contains bytes…And that means there is something there, some content. Someone or some of a group of people had to craft that otherwise there would not be a file, nothing, nothing there. Instead of sitting in silence…be a human being and pay that amount for the person who made it so you don’t need to sit in silence.
Paying for music is not new, it is not revolutionary. Up until the internet had crafted mp3’s, from the early twentieth century until the mid-to late 90’s people payed for records, cd’s and tapes and expected to. With the internet and computers a lot of people on top and not so, saw an opportunity to rip-off and share and try to control because music is not physical, not as tangible a product as a brick or a bar of soap, they wanted it for free though they did not make or create it.
There are and were many terrible stories about artists being ripped off who made smash hits from the 50’s until now. They did not have it easy and maybe the people who steal songs or feel excused by paying a penny for someones song or album feel it is their right to…But there is a principle with this and it is giving value to the music that you appreciate or treasure. It is a way of taking notice and acknowledging that you have derived benefit tom there work and respect one enough to give your appreciation to the music that has contributed to your life and well being in how much of a degree that it has. Air is free too, but air does not have melody or notes and the psychological benefit that music can. So please be wise with your decision and lend your truth and support to your favorite or preferred musician and this would be my plea as well to heads of music empires to expect that they would give more than a penny for music as you would give more than a penny to any other work of art…a poster a sculpture.
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