Email 5- Reminder

Subject: Time Sensitive- Get a Free copy of my album

Hey {!firstname},

Just wanted to make sure you got yesterday’s e-mail as time
is running out.

Here’s the deal…

I’m running a 72 hour sale in which I’m going to be giving
away one of my albums for anyone who gets any other of my albums.

Here’s where you can get it:

I’m doing this as my way of letting you know that you are
a valued patron and are AWESOME.

…as you know the other day I sent a free track from one of my
4 albums.

And as a result of peaked interest in my songs I put up this FREE ALBUM
offer together here:

But please remember…

This offer is for fans only. It is not open to the general public
and it will only be up for 72 hours TOTAL and then
the offer will come down for good.

So if you want to get 2 of my albums for the price of 1 go
here now:

But remember, the clock is literally clicking and the offer
will be coming down soon. Once this special is gone, it’s
gone for good.

Talk soon,

Ox Cohen