Band into Composer

Transition from Band to Solo Composing


Being a band of really any kind of Music can be fun and it can be a big rush too. All the so-called dynamics of working on a song, maybe a new one to bands being in a state of harmony which can be rare as well as working of difficulties of playing and learning new material can be exciting. It can be a work in progress also which it is for some of the time. Some bands are a lot like a family and if you’re lucky they can be an extend family. Though having  a group play as a tight cohesive unit does not always come by so easily. Some experiences actually can be bordering on frightening.

It is up to one or the group as whole basically how long the band will keep on going. The are many factors as to how long a bad will last. If there are some kind of musical differences, meaning songwriting, that is one thing that can sometimes dissolve a band faster than other things. No one really wants to be in band where you are playing music that you don’t really appreciate or as well believe in. Yet some musicians will continue to play in a band even if the music ,the songs are not really to their liking. Usually arguments are set forth about the how the songs are and the arrangement and structure and so on. Sometimes arguments are about the members themselves as to wether so and so likes so and so or not ,yet still bands have had relatively long careers while not even liking each other at all. I would have to say at that point it is the music that keeps them together and it would have to be really good music for band to stick it out despite them not even getting along or appreciating one another.

There are some kind of differences between the solo composer or writer than in being in a group large or small. Being in a band can be a great experience and it seems that most people would like to be in a group. However if you have been in a number of groups and you have found it to painful or just a waste of time for you, because you can’t find the right musicians and their chemistry then a very nice alternative is to go it alone in composing and songwriting. perhaps eventually you can play in a band again. Though alone you might be able to make faster progress in topics like music theory, harmony, melody and have more time to experiment. Perhaps by learning some of mysteries of songwriting you make some progress on your own.Of course you can pair up with another composer or songwriter to if you have that available as an option.

Regardless as to wether you want to go it alone, pair up with another songwriter or get back again in a band, everything you learn adds to the picture. Being in a band as well as being rewarding can also be difficult and wear you down sometimes.

Some might say that what I am writing is discouraging to being in a band. There is no doubt that it can be a high point of being alive, yet for those who are not having any kind of success with it but want to keep their music going there is a way and that is by composing and songwriting wether solo or with others.

Writing music as a composer and songwriting can be a larger task than one might think. There is a lot of theory and understanding of music as a whole that is required. Of course You are most likely going to write for someone else be it a singular individual or a group or orchestra. If you are a hired composer say to make a score for a film the it is demanding and you are under time deadlines and so on. An exercise for writing by a deadline is a great way to have a little bit of understanding to what it means to write in a professional environment. Of course there is always the option of just writing for yourself maybe to share with friends or perhaps to make a cd or collection of work. It is good to build up a portfolio in case it is needed at some given point in time. Marketing your songs the kind of vein that bands to is challenging as well. There are a great many people that lean towards a bands’ cd rather than a solo musician, however audio files and for those who love music in general than it could possibly turn into something worthwhile. There is no real say in what is better between a band and a composer but what may be the case is that if you persist at it long enough it will increase your opportunities of success.