Ambient Rock Music




Sometime hush and other times swirling an sound bank of noise that plays for other songs what would be in the background. Electronics and electronic instruments are usually the source of sound in Ambient music. It is like the Rock and Roll version of new age music, even if there isn’t Rock and Roll. Ambient music is the flip side of New Age music. Perhaps it’s new age music for Electronica and Alternative music. It is what fils the gap on the flip side of Electronica and an alternative of alternatives to almost every other kind of music.

When a band decides to put a drum beat behind it and other instruments:guitar and bass, you have  a new sound a new Rock…Something usually different from most other types of music.

There are a good variety of Ambient Rock bands and artists. It may be trying to fill the void by bands like Pink Floyd and other experimental music.

Ambient can be trance and ambient rock can also be influenced by trance and show a hypnotic quality to it.

Though wether the drums, guitar and bass are at the front or the back of the mix is anyone’s guess and opinion.

For a certain amount of time, ambient music was in a zone of it’s own. There were not always beats with it and it stood at the opposite of trance and dance music. Ambient was the other side of it usually pulsing and droning on it’s own and had a smaller audience to it.

Ambient is somewhat not exactly what you listen to getting up and and going with your coffee into your day. Some will argue though, maybe it is perfect to if you can be of eccentric mentality.

How Rock came along in the ambient fore is unknown. It probably started withe small bunch of bands and has over a while picked up and the combining of both ambient and rock has been becoming popular.

Whatever a band sounds like that is ambient rock relies on use of synthesizer sounds and the guitars and so on but it does not rely on it as much as to make ambient rock sound too identical. In other words it is the melody and notes of the song that seem to separate one ambient rock band from another one.

There is seemingly a need for a cool vibe. That can be started by any ambient rock band but to craft songs that pull you in and are unique will vary from band to another.

Though combining the sounds of trance and dance and making it into a rock format should be able to yield a great potential in what music can do and is possible.

It seems that because in these times there is a shortage in original music, ate least on main radio, that ambient rock might fill the gap that is there and may provide the next great band perhaps. Most ambient rock has a well rounded use of instruments and the style of it at it’s disposal. Every type of music usually relies on the same instruments particular to it most of the time. With the use of synth, guitar, bass , drums and a fearlessness to use effects, there is a fair amount of potential in the songs that are available to be made much like Pink Floyd mentioned above was not in fear in getting the most of effects and strange instruments to make their recordings.

Ambient is not necessarily new and either is Rock. Though the blending of these two elements together can provide a music that may make through the mainstream and can last a long time.


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