Ambient Experimental Rock For The Composer

Ambient and Experimental Rock for The Composer

As one who might be or have been a member of a Rock band, any good or professional knows the ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations in creating and playing music together. The Music business is hard to succeed in and it is just as hard as probably all of the art art forms including Acting, Dancing, Writing and Visual Art. Few make it, and even for the ones that do it could be even more difficult to sustain a career with all of the peaks and valleys and hardships of life that come in between. Though some, to their credit, never give up and when you really love music and your instrument the path is still rewarding given all of the ups and downs and can be worth it so as never to abandon your instrument.
There is to a degree a more sane path although with less guts and glory. Though traveling this route still keeps you connected to music, writing music and sound and the sound of music. This new way is the path of the composer. The composer and or songwriter would normally have all the tools they need at their disposal. In creating Instrumental Music and Instrumental Rock what they need is familiarity of the instruments and something to record what their writing be it a lump of music staff paper or the computer with editing and recording software that now only currently widely available for novice and pro alike. Though, if the composer is at a work environment or studio then all of the needed resources will hopefully be their for her or him.
Jumping out of the role of the Classical composer to the Rock composer or songwriter, any music is there to go dabbling into for those with a love of all things modern and the enjoyment of sound as much as music the fields lie there for ambient, ambient rock and experimental rock music just to name a few. For certain types of music are more natural with a band like progressive rock music, heavy metal and all sorts of alternative and folk types of music. Then again, I am not necessarily talking about the thrill and fun of seeing a live performance. I am more discussing the creation and making of music and as well sounds. I would say that trying to emulate a rock bands performance with all included instruments would be a very challenging task.
There is some software out now for creation of songs thats sound very close to a real orchestra for someone who does not have any dealings with an orchestra but wants to create Classical Music sounding pieces.
The computer though with MIDI capability and a good synthesizer or library of synthesized and electronic music components is a good choice for Ambient, Ambient rock and Electronic needless to say Experimental and Experimental Rock music.
With editing and mixing capabilities sometimes built into the box, the recording musician and composer can have lengthy and variegated experiences in creating electronic music.
In the old days audio engineers had to match up timing issues via tape and splicing of it reminding me of the process of cutting a diamond. Now all timing issues can be fixed and made nice and smooth by use of the computers recording software and knowledge of editing.
Experimental Rock borrowing from Experimental music can mean anything form point A to B in notes and sounds, however given into the structure of Rock music meaning mainly a steady beat and the outlined notes and chords of Rock, then Experimental music is given more structure which is actually appealing to a great many listeners.
Somehow, composing for Electronic, Electronic Rock,and the kinds of Ambient music is suited well for the solo or duo composer(s). When listening to electronic music sometimes one pair of ears can be better than more that is until the finished product. It is similar to being a DJ in some respects and it is also amazing to know how the best Classical composers of yore made the music by themselves, though there is no telling how many what or who influenced them while they created their masterpieces.

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