Ambient, Electronic and Rock

Ambient, Electronic, Rock and Music Forays


Across dance clubs and set to run in the mode of chill lies Ambient. Though it can move you too and provide a new road combined with beats and Rock creating atmospheres of enjoyable ambiguity. Some of the genres of ambient and Electronic are made fun of sort of in a satirical way, but it usually happens that the same critic will find him or herself getting lured to the sound of electronic and ambient songs. Ambient can fit with you in a private setting or careen into clubs and dance parlors. Electronic when it is at it’s best will entrance you and keep the mind thinking of what out there there really is to know and find and dream of.

The use of music in a mostly electronic way has been happening for decades yet all music that is on the radio or in a venue is in some way or shape of form coming through the use of electronic equipment, it’s just that some instruments are seen as more electronic than others. The dependance on the synthesizer as well as keyboard is seen as the most electronic of them all alongside computer generated instruments too. However, there is something that the Synthesizer contains that makes sound, well, the most electronic. Virtually all sounds other than the known guitar, drums, bass and vocals is synthesizer based unless you might be mentioning classical instruments.

Ambient has a most unusual and unique sound and song that accompanies it. It lures you to inner recesses and plays upon the dark and also subtle qualities of the mind and the music it is exposed to. It reinforces the power of music and the effect on the psychological set-up of the self and mind. Though many a music is electronic or influenced by the electronic part of modern music, it seems to have proven that it can be a noteworthy and real music- A real form of music.

The options of creating ambient and electronic music is to some extent almost endless. The music that is ambient allows room to grow and to breathe. Electronic also has an almost unlimited potential in craft of song and musicality. They both distinctively set some room for endless compositions, it’s just that you must find the group and song that will work for you, but chances are that it is or will be available at some point.

Combining Rock with electronic and ambient might seem new but it is not hat hard to think of in terms of making but it will take some work and tuning to make it blend together.

You can throw in a Rock element anywhere in the song but that seems to undervalue the potential that Rock and Ambient and Electronic can create.

The thought of fusing Rock into the elements of Electronic and Ambient has a wide potential and maybe a reaction to the sometimes sedating and hypnotic effects of both genres.

Though Ambient Rock actually exists in these times it might be an interesting endeavor to make Rock with Electronic. However if you have a Home Studio and you can visualize adding elements of Rock into Ambient or into Electronic you can get a kind of idea of they might be layered together.

To combine Rock with ambient and electronic is all a matter of design and personal or collective taste in their skills and songwriting and putting it all in one piece or pieces depending on their number of songs. Though, if you like Rock and it’s beats and sounds, it could really take Music into I would guess is a totally new dimension. Rock is fairly popular as an understatement but the grace and cleverness of ambient and electronic could change things around- it’s a matter of Songwriting and Arrangement and the unique gift of getting the best sounds. In the studio there has to be a good balance of not only the instruments, but of the sounds and how they fit into the project and Live things can be interesting in either recreating or coming up with the best sounds from Synthesizer, Drums, Bass, Vocals if there are any, and whatever other devices there may be. The possibilities though are practically endless.