Natural Sound

It is somewhat interesting to see or to rather experience the way or other ways in which technology effects our life. I have wondered how art in general used to effect the lives others before the camera, the movie camera machines, and audio technology from the speaker to the recording machines.
I would imagine that music was enjoyed at much less frequent intervals although those who created it usually were highly developed in the composing abilities and their playing levels as well to have been able to play them. From the composers of the renaissance and onward and also the music of other countries around the planet.
Now most of what is heard is through a variety of mechanical and also electronic machines or devices before there is a sound.
Even in live settings. Most modern music transmits through a series of mechanisms- seemingly man made, before anyone can hear anything. But if you say, what about classical music or acoustic music? It still goes through a contraption even though made of wood or metal by itself before a sound can be received. These things may seem unimpressive to people or might not, yet it is a kind of phenomena that might relate to the creation or formation of most things. Where does the sound begin, where does it keep coming and what is it when it stops? It is similar to the chicken and the egg, but I think and I would think that it’s more impressive when it is a sound or music whence it is forming from a sound then a lot of material creations, but even those could be thought of value as well. Ultimately everything at least appears to be man-made except it’s beginning state or cause behind it. Through what is here on Earth…everything has been or can be formed from something into another thing or something apart that is it’s own thing and has a perceptible thing in itself.
Even medicines which a lot of people are reluctant to accept as viable have mostly been manufactured with natural components…Even plastic was ultimately made or formed using material of the Earth. So the only factor which is a final appreciator or decliner of is the Human who either accepts it or rejects it or can delay in it’s acceptance or his or her opinion of it within a certain amount of it’s time. You can get album(s) from Ox Cohen here.

-Ox Cohen