Commentary of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd Commentary

What can one say about the total works and span of Pink Floyd? It has beginnings surely with the band mates. The music though was a breakthrough from their first album to their last including both Roger Waters and David Gilmour. Their first albums were one of the first to go into the kind of territory they were harnessing. They showed true musicianship along into an experimental world, with sprinkles of ironic humor woven into truly creative lengthy musical travels and as well pop songs. There must have have some understanding and some expertise in the studio as well, for that is where most have enjoyed Pink Floyd from. During there first group of albums there were many expirations mixing beautiful melodies with the kind of sound they were making and perhaps if it were not for tragic circumstances they may have been making that same psychedelic experiment in music that they were making.
When 1973’s Dark Side of The Moon came out, it was a break from their past mad and more loose experiments of music into a kind of professional but still brilliant and creative undertaking. The songs were more friendly to the radio perhaps and it was an album you could listen to individual songs or for more of a lasting effect from start to end. It certainly was a concept album yet you could listen to the tracks that you like in any order. The experimental side was still there as would the rest of their albums but you were not expected to hear madness in a traditional kind of manner.
Pink Floyd kept on going after their tragedy one of the founding members go through extreme psychological and psychiatric dilemmas as mentioned before Dark Side of The Moon. Dark Side of The Moon is almost a bible to listen to.
With each of the next albums, the theme is there still which includes the Psycho and Social issues of the complexities and rigors and demands of modern life in societies dark and insane side of existence.
With Wish You Were Here, one enters a universe of madness and it’s yearning to be healed within it. Though not as overt as it. Pink Floyd masters taste and they are truly masters of their craft. They are known sometimes as an Art band. Maybe because there are few bands that treat their creations as much as they do as art. Art is subtle. It does not yell at you that much to get your attention. I think that Pink Floyd expects an intelligent following and they have them.
Animals was not nearly as popular as Dark Side and The Wall would be. But, there is no getting away from how ingenious it is. The album likens certain kinds of people and the circumstances around them to animals. This might be hard to do for all of the world, but here it works well. It purely addresses life in current times…And is also something because humans are said to have come from animals and before that a tadpole or amoeba, so in this encapsulation which they created with animals it strikes deep into the mechanics and behaviors of humans in current times.
Though maybe Animals has gone a little unnoticed in comparison that would not be so with 1979’s The Wall.
The Wall is like what a patient has to go through before he or she needs Therapy.
It shouted at you, tried to scare you and pulled you in to listen to it. Displaying the realness of modern life. You had to listen to it…But it of course is not all of the concepts around it, though in a lot of ways it is. Though it is of course the songs. With all of the goodness of their songs they have created the ‘sound’ track to go with it. Perfectly tailored of the music and the classics that they have created and made.
After the next album The Final Cut until the more recent Pink Floyd until past the twenty-first century, after both members Roger Waters and David Gilmour parted professional ways they still maintain their sound and have still produced the worldly and humanistic lyrics and songs like they used to. It seems from their start to when they split that both Gilmour and Waters keep making music that has found a place in a high quality art genre like the best of artists to this point.
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